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Dino Nite is a short, early prototype visual novel concept involving inter-dimensional dinosaurs,  a museum of natural history and a lone security guard just trying to get through the night shift.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date 60 days ago
AuthorThe Cryptid Keep
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Dinosaurs, Furry, Narrative
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Dino Nite Android.apk 111 MB
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Dino Nite Mac.zip 93 MB
Dino Nite PC.zip 110 MB

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I love it so much! I laughed a lot with the big dinosaur (sorry, I forgot their names already) I need more! Hahahahaha

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Hi, hi, the demo is quite short, but I'm loving what I have played so far. It's intriguing and I'm curious to know more. I wonder how many dinosaur characters are we going to see later and what's with the mob-boss like dino. I hope it's still being worked on! I think there's not many VNs that featuring dinosaurs and I like dinosaurs!

And... these two duo... are they supposedly a Raptor and a T-rex? For thieves they seem to be hilariously amateurish XD


Gosh, where do I start?
I adore the level of creativity in this novel - while I we only have two characters to set our eyes upon, Dino Nite does a brilliant job at crafting intriguing and adorable characters right from the get-go! The colors in this are just... divine, and if Dallas isn't the definition of absolute hunk, then I don't know what is! And don't forget the music... nothing short of amazing!

Even though there may not be any further updates releasing any time soon (or ever), I'm excited to see more from you! Just this short novel alone is such a statement - love it to bits! I'm glad I got to experience this work of art! <3 <3


Quite a beautiful game! I can't wait to see more of it. Keep up the good work

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Liked it a lot! It was so very short,though. Want to see more! Specially of Dallas. Can't wait for more! :)


I played it and I loved it!
Couple things though for the android version, Some times the bone indicator of whose talking just blinks in and out some times (like it just comes in and out, It happened more to the small dinosaur and not Dallas) I have no clue if there is supposed to be any dialog for it when it does that. The last thing tat I caught is when you use the skip button the character just disappear. There would just be dialog and the characters wouldn't show up. Hope this helps in anyway and I can't wait to see more in the future because this was amazing so far!:3


This was fun to read. Loved Dallas. The art is fantastic.

Keep up the good work. Can't wait until the next update. 


This is really well done. Great animations, art style, store premise, and use of the bones to indicate who is talking. I really can't wait to see more!


awwwww they are so cute i do like them much awwww mannnn <3

It was a nice funny story, loved Dallas. Good work

it's as short as it is cute, keep up the fantastic work!!

Will the final build stay somewhat short or will it be longer?


This may or may not be the final build. All we can say is stay ttuned for more fun content!

make more pls uwu

I love it

Nice¡¡¡, how many endings have this game?... I all ready get two: pizza ending, and "Closet ending" lol

pretty curious to see more of this

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OMG! I loved it. The story is great, and the art is also Amazing. I can’t wait till it isn’t a prototype.

Sorry about deleting the previous comment I made. It was asking questions that already had been answered and I didn’t describe everything good about this VN 

is there a iPhone version

Sadly, there is not at this time


Super short but super cute I hope to see more of these guys in the future. I really like the both of them.Ill be following and hoping to see me from you in the future.


Good job! I had fun with the game. But I must also say that I had performance issues. Everytime where someone says sth (or let's say if the text is displayed), the game's lagging until the text is complete. But this didn't stopped my to play it completely and like I said: I had fun with it!


omg! this game is amazing and so adorable the art is sooo good and omg the little hug just melted my heart its really original and fang-tastic!! i cant wait to see more  

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo jogo pra Android maravilhoso esse jogo tbm e meio fnaf só q sem jumpscars e uma noite no museu 1 e 2


Just played the Android version. It's working wonders 

DUDE, that was short, but it was damn fun. Made me curious to see how it develops,moreso in the case of you being all flirty 🤭

I imagine the cops being told u were taken hostage then trapped in a room by talking dinosaurs that are also dimension travellers 😂😂

Oh yeah, the art is very cool too. Nice backgrounds and sprites. The characters are cute and hot too 😍🥰

wow ... do you have more ?


Not yet, but stay tuned for more in the coming months!

oh yes !!!!??!?!?!

I Liked the Novel and the art style is so cool, I hope your work will be far more greater.

really good, i like it

wow, they look so cute~

But perhaps you should fix the problem of the dino skulls keep blink in and out.

When does this happen? Also what version are you playing on for reference?

I just download the newest version and try it again, seems when you in the bad End, the skull of Owen will suddenly appear before the content or the right skull appear.

That's because that line is Owen talking



The option to hold him like an ice cream cone is bugged (line 222).
Please fix, having this option is paramount.

Fixed! Thanks for letting us know